The Swiss creative industries’ association

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Our mission

At Creatives +, our mission is to bring together all Geneva players in the various creative industry sectors. As creative industries play an important role in Geneva and across Switzerland, our main objective is to drive awareness of the all the actors in their respective fields and to strengthen synergies between them while supporting their overall economic development.


The creative industries are divided into 13 sectors and are made up of more than 14,000 structures in the canton of Geneva alone. Creatives + wishes to strengthen the culture of innovation and entrepreneurial initiative by creating synergies between actors from different sectors and by encouraging a sustainable transition to 4.0 industries, in order to support growth and create jobs.

Our actions

They are defined around three major axes:



  • Identify the actors and stakeholders across the 13 sectors of the creative industries
  • List these actors and their skills through a database



  • Facilitate communication and promotion of the activities of our members by acting as a catalyst

  • Support the promotion of creative industries by fostering collaborations with other sectors of the economy



  • Access and participate in calls for projects

  • Forge links with all sectors of the economy in Switzerland and around the world

Swiss creative industries

Music industry

Press and media


Art market



Software and video games


Radio and television market



Art and entertainment

Phonotechnical market